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Securing a Trustworthy Pet Sitter

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Welcoming a pet into a home can be a lesson in love as well as responsibility. Pet owners must take various steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their companions, and that includes providing for that animal while on vacation.

How long pets can remain at home alone depends on the pet, its age, and overall health. For example, an aquarium full of fish may be able to thrive for a week with the assistance of an automatic feeder. Dogs, however, will need daily bathroom breaks and feedings, says the Humane Society. Adult dogs may be able to "hold it" for several hours, but young puppies and elderly dogs need more frequent breaks outside.

Feeding and cleaning up pet waste is not the only consideration. Some animals require more socialization than others.

Pet sitters can address pets' needs while their owners are away. There are various types of pet sitting services, but they can be distinguished into two types: in-home sitters and dog hotels outside your home. Which one you employ depends on your dog's needs and your comfort level with having a sitter in your home. Always deal with a trusted party when allowing them entry into your home, whether it is a family friend or neighbor. If your pet is in need of regular medication, and if your trip will be extended, it is best to consider a dog hotel or professional sitter.

While friends and family may be the first choices as pet sitters, there are benefits to using professional pet sitters. A professional sitter is properly trained in the care of many different animals, according to Pet Sitters International. They may have a local business license and be insured and bonded. Professional sitters are likely to make the pet a priority more than hobbyists or well-meaning acquaintances because caring for pets is how they earn their living.

Pet Sitters International lists the following sitters in the Flagler area:

Pet sitters provide valuable services when pet owners are away from home. Vetting pet sitters takes a little time, but that effort is well worth it.
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